The French driving for Prema Powerteam obtained his first victory of the season at Mugello, ahead of his team mate Eddie Cheever. Third position to Agostini, who was issued a penalty due to a contact with Henrique Martins and relegated to the ninth position. Mario Marasca on the podium too.
10/06/2012 - The driver of Prema Powerteam and Ferrari Driver Academy, Brandon Maisano obtained the first victory of the season at Mugello, taking advantage of a sprint start that put him ahead of his team mate Eddie Cheever. The third Prema driver, Henrique Martins, also managed to overtake Riccardo Agostini and to get the third place.

Agostini lost the position also to his team mate at JD Motorsport, Nicholas Latifi but during lap one he managed to get closer to the top three drivers, while Mario Marasca (BVM) follwed as he got rid of his team mate Jousse first and then of Latifi. The driver from Latina, closing the Italo-Canadian hit the front wing of the JD driver but the manoeuvre was considered correct.

The fight for the third position started between Martins, Agostini and Marasca that are very closed with Riccardo Agostini attacking Martins at San Donato but did not manage to get through. Marasca used all the track available to get close to the driver from Padova on the Mygale and managed to take him during lap ten. An error risked afterwards to compromise Marasca's race who went wide at the Casanova - Savelli and opened a wide gap to Agostini.

The challenge continued until the last lap with several moves by Marasca to overtake the driver from Padova. During the last lap Martins went wide and lost a bit of ground. Agostini behind him tried to overtake him exploting the lower speed of the Brazilian, but the contact was unavoidable. Martins had the worst of it and stopped at Luco turn, while the driver from Padova managed to continue and to end third at the flag. Agostini was afterwards penalyzed by 25'' in parc fermè which promoted Marasca to the first podium in the series.

The classification of race 2 saw Maisano ahead of Cheever and Marasca, with Maxime Jousse in fourth. Gerard Barrabeig was fifth in a very difficult weekend for team Ghinzani's men, followed by team mate Robert Visoiu. Seventh place for Sergey Sirotkin who started last due to the problems experienced in the second qualifying on Friday. Behind the Russian ended Roman De Beer on team Victoria World's Mygale. The ninth position after the penalty went to Riccardo Agostini. Ahead of Kuroda, Martins and Nicholas Latifi, who was forced to replace the nose due to the contact with Marasca

The sprint race will start this afternoon at 18.50 (GMT+2) and will see Robert Visoiu ahead of everyone that will be sided by Mario Marasca. The second row will be occupied by Sergey Sirotkin and Riccardo Agostini, while the third will go to the winners of race one and 2, Eddie Cheever and Brandon Maisano. The last race of the weekend will be broadcast live on web streaming at and will be recorded on Rai Sport 2 tonight at 00.00
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